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About Us

Care Hope College’s History

Care Hope College was established in 1996 as an educational training institution to fill a growing need for quality health education. It was designed to develop “hands-on” professional healthcare workers. The programs are all designed to address the quality preparation of those who provide patient care in hospitals, long-term care facilities and private homes. In 2008 the College established new ownership modifying the structure and organization of the school and the newly renamed Care Hope College was born.

In 2011, the College moved to a larger location, added new programs and hired additional faculty/staff to accommodate the larger student body. The College has become the home to a student body, which includes working adults, adults who are changing their careers, and those adults who always longed and aspired to venture into the health care industry.

CHC's Principle

Our educational goals here at Care Hope College are to prepare our students to enter their chosen profession and be Critical Thinkers, Knowledgeable, Skilled and Competent.

Our Philosophy

At Care Hope College we want our students and alumni to walk away with a continuing eagerness and motivational drive to learn and advance. It is important here at Care Hope College to encourage the development of critical thinking and enable our students to ignite their passion which in return will have a positive impact on many lives.

Key Of Success

Care Hope College’s keys to success consist of a sincere commitment to taking personal responsibility for your life and career, to have unshakable self-confidence and to have clarity of your purpose and direction. Our last key of success would be competence which consists of creating positive personal impact, relationship Building, outstanding performance and dynamic communication.

Special Campus Tour

Our Special Campus Tour is designed for prospective nursing graduates and professional students. You will have the opportunity to see our campus’ culture and experience hands on skills labs offered at our facility. You’ll meet our admissions representative to learn more details about our Nursing Programs and decide what is the best option for you. We’re looking forward to meeting you, schedule your Special Campus Tour today.


We’ll provide you with a broad variety of student support services designed to assist you in attaining your educational and professional goals in the Healthcare industry. Our instructors will provide you with hands on skills to prepare you for your nursing career. These services and hands on teaching start from enrollment through graduation and beyond.

Powerful Alumni Program

Our Alumni enjoyed the benefit of attending a school which highlighted each student as an individual with a holistic approach to catalyze excellence in learning. 
As a part of CHC Alumni family, each past student gains support from their Alma mater, such as:  (1) access to Career Services, (ii) Open Houses (iii) Community Service events and other such programs.