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Many people assume there is only one type of nurse, however, this is far from accurate. There are many different types of nurses, each with their own unique set of skills and responsibilities.  The type of nurse you become largely centers around your interests and the patients you want to work with.  We’ve put together...
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It is widely known that the majority of people automatically think of a female when thinking of a nurse. This dates back to the history of the nursing profession, where nurses were primarily female, beginning with Florence Nightingale. However, as with most societal norms over time, the idea of a career only being available to...
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  If you’re considering a career in nursing, you may be asking yourself why you want to become a nurse. There are many reasons why nursing can be a great career choice, and everyone’s reasons for choosing nursing as a career path are different. Nursing is a noble profession that offers both rewards and challenges...
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If you don’t work in the medical field, then patient advocacy could be a foreign term to you.  Patient advocacy is a very important part of working in healthcare and as the name says, it is the role of advocating for patients when they either can’t or don’t know how to advocate for themselves. This...
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Clinical nursing is arguably the most common destination for nursing students pursuing their degree.  However, there are also alternative careers paths for nursing degree graduates.  These alternatives range from consulting positions, to midwifery, and even becoming an educator.  If you’re not sure if clinical nursing is the path for you, check out the top alternatives...
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The first thing on a new nursing graduates’ mind is finding a good job. If you want the job, you have to nail the interview.  As a new graduate, interviews can be intimidating and who doesn’t want a few extra tips?  It is important to know what types of questions are likely to be asked,...
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The reality is, many patients are nervous or fearful of visiting the doctor.  This can be due to past traumatic events with themselves or loved ones, or it could just be a genuine fear of receiving bad news. Regardless of the reasoning, patient anxiety is  real and needs to be dealt with gently and with...
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We are often asked what makes us more affordable than our neighboring college, Keiser University.  There are several reasons that we are more affordable, including our size, admissions process, program offerings, and more.  If you are one of the people interested in understanding why Care Hope College is more affordable than Keiser University, we compiled...
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A BSN, short for Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, is an advanced nursing degree.  Many hospitals are moving toward requiring that their nurses have or obtain a BSN in order to show that their staff is highly trained and qualified. Many RN’s and other healthcare workers such as paramedics, respiratory therapists, and various technicians also...
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Registered nurses are required to fulfill a certain number of clinical hours in order to keep their license.  Clinicals are the hands-on, out in the field, training that nurses must have in order to complete nursing school. This training allows new nurses the opportunity to practice the various skills they need without posing a potential...
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