Career Advisement

Our Career Advisement Initiative

Career advising provides students with information regarding their chosen field of work and is available to students and graduates of Care Hope College. Information consists of data collected from a variety of publications, web sites, personal interviews with employers, and general career studies publications. Students are assisted with determining their career goals and encouraged to formulate a career plan from this information. Students are advised of requirements of their individual career choices and are given tools to accomplish their goals. As a student of Care Hope College you will also have access to the campus based career center which holds a variety of career development resources to prepare you for your job search. Here you will also have access to a computer for résumé creation and internet access to conduct research as part of your job search. You will be able to access job openings on the online career center as well as apply directly through positions of interest through the online career center site.


Résumé Writing and Job Interview Preparation

The Department of Student Services aids you in preparing your résumé if interested. You will be coached on how to present your school and work experience in a functional, chronological, or specialized résumé format. Prepared handouts and packets are available for use accompanied by a variety of books on résumé writing. The library has an extensive collection of career studies and planning publications that you are advised to utilize. When you bring your résumé to the Department of Student Services it will be reviewed and critiqued by an experienced career services professional and recommendations for revisions will be supplied. The Director of Student Services also conducts workshops and / or class presentations on these topics that you can participate in. Job interviewing skills are presented to interested upcoming graduates through discussions, seminars, and literature. Proper interviewing and follow-up techniques are presented to prepare you for the interview process. Mock interview sessions are available to coach you on professionalism, positive thinking, and ways to improve your individual presentation to potential employers.


Professional Development Workshops

If you are interested in participating in a professional development workshop through the Department of Student Services please contact the Director of Student Services at your school.


Résumé Writing

 Students who go through this workshop should be able to construct a working résumé for a job search that will get read by an employer.


Interviewing Skills

Students who go through this workshop should be able to go on a job interview and have confidence in the process and themselves.