Being a male nurse is something that unfortunately tends to carry a stigma, as many believe that nursing is a job that should be exclusively for females.  Male nurses have many benefits that people do not stop to consider, so we chose to outline them below.  Stand Out In A Good Way Nurses have historically...
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A CNA refers to a Certified Nursing Assistant, and can also be called a nurse’s aid, nursing assistant or patient care assistant.  CNA’s exists to help the nurse directly with several things pertaining to a patient’s care.  If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, it is important to review your state’s specific requirements...
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Are you thinking about starting a career as a nursing assistant? If so, you are making a great decision. As a nursing assistant, you will have a chance to work alongside caring and knowledgeable medical professionals. A nursing assistant program is the best way for you to get into the nursing field and start your...
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A nursing bridge program allows students to fulfill part of their nursing program requirement with the help of extra coursework completed at another institution. There are many benefits to enrolling in a nursing bridge program; it allows students to build the necessary medical skillset without disrupting their current workload, and students to continue to earn...
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Nursing is one of the professions that need to be ready for anything. Whether you have people’s lives to care for, or are working long hours, Nursing can sometimes feel like a source of stress. For a career nurse, is nursing really stressful? It is true that the demands of a typical day of nursing...
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Nursing Programs
Does this sound strange? It should because most people think that math isn’t needed in the doctor’s office or hospital, but as it currently stands, math requirements for nursing are in the 100 level. Some people think that a math test is required for nursing, and this can prove to be a problem for those...
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Are you seeking some tips for nursing interviews? Care Hope College is happy to help. Nursing interviews, while perhaps one of the toughest stages of getting hired that any nurse may ever have to face, may feel overwhelming. Don’t worry, Care Hope College has some advice to help you ace your next nursing interview. Here...
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Nurse Patient Care
What is the meaning of patient care in medical terms? It begins by explaining what “patient” means and what medical practice is. Medical practice is the act of providing health services to those in need. There are different types of health services practiced. One is the medical diagnosis and another is the treatment or health...
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Is 45 too old to become a nurse? Will you be able to balance the workload and your (already busy) life and/or family? How many years of schooling do you need to get to be certified as an RN? These and many other questions may be going through your head right now. First, it is...
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If you are considering a career in the nursing field in the next 12 months, then chances are you will want to know how an online nursing degree works. While a lot of people believe that nursing degrees require at least a lot of time, money, and intense hours, not all of what you hear...
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