Being a travel nurse has become a very popular career for those that aren’t necessarily tied down to a location and want to help where needed.  However, there are certain locations that are more popular than others when it comes to travel nursing.  We’ve compiled a list of the best places to travel nurses based...
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Medication administration Medication administration is a process that carries great responsibility in requiring that you know which medication is supposed to be given, as well as to whom, and when.  Remembering the various information that you need to keep track of can be overwhelming, but it is vital that you are aware of them.  We...
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Nursing is a job that requires a ton of time on your feet, and as such nursing requires shoes that are comfortable and supportive.  However, what are the best shoes for nursing?  There are a lot of options available and it does depend on both your duties as a nurse as well as your preference...
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An LPN stands for a Licensed Practical Nurse while an RN stands for a Registered Nurse, but what’s the difference between the two, and where should you start?  The simple explanation is that a Registered Nurse has completed more education than a Licensed Practical Nurse, but it goes deeper into their duties as they are...
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For a new ER nurse, it is important to make sure that you have prepared enough for the position. It is a difficult job, and you will essentially become a “jack of all trades,” when it comes to your occupation.  The following tips for a new ER nurse that will help improve success: Safely is...
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Nursing informatics refers to the integration of computer sciences, nursing, health, and information management in order to learn more about a patient’s health and follow the latest best nursing practices. Informatics is a field of nursing science that utilizes technologies in order to conduct and deliver high-quality nursing care.  How Nursing Informatics Works The application...
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Understanding how anesthesia works is essential knowledge in health care. For example, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not the patient feels pain before, during, and after the surgical procedure — you should be able to quickly provide the patient with the correct answer.  Types of Anesthesia While no one can...
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If you are a nurse looking for an exciting career, a career in travel nursing may be the best fit for you! It is an in demand field, and is necessary in order to cover shifts when staff members are unable to perform their duties, during seasonal fluctuations, and for filling gaps within hospital staffing...
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The opportunities to advance in your nursing career are limitless, but one of the most exciting is landing a position as a travel nurse. If you are one of the many prospective nursing students who are currently looking for ways to enter the healthcare field or looking for a change of scenery, then this might...
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The symptoms of hypoglycemia in a diabetic patient can range from individual to individual. However, as a nurse you will encounter patients with one or several mild-to moderate symptoms, but in severe cases, hypoglycemia can be life-threatening if not treated promptly.  Hypoglycemia Treatment Mild hypoglycemic episodes can be prevented if a patient maintains a healthy...
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