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The next few months will be an exciting time for Care Hope College.  We will be expanding our Alumni Association which we hope you will want to become a participating member.  Please fill out the form under the Alumni Banner on our Community Relations page. This will enable us to keep all of you informed about all upcoming events.

The Associations role is to involve and communicate with alumni to assure that they are respected as a vital and integral part of the CHC Community. It is important to know that every one of us has a role to play in keeping Care Hope College a vibrant educational option in the Tri – County area. We look forward to you enjoying the many upcoming events at our school.

This year should be an exciting one for our College. We are pursuing accreditation which will enable us to better serve our community. We hope to move forward — further assisting our current and future students to greater successes and accomplishments.

The greatest proof of the value of a Care Hope College Education is found in the lives that our alumni lead.  The examples of your success will influence our future college decision making. Your success is paramount to how we measure our school’s positive impact on our community.

There is more to college than meets the eye.  Care Hope College is different in that our approach is hands on.  We care about our students’ success both in our school and in our community at large; your education only starts with our classes.  At CHC, our emphasis is on the total experience encompassing: textbook – to classroom – to real life experience. Your success is a lifelong pursuit that both our school and you will travel through.


We want to know how you have been and where you are right now in terms of accomplishing your goals.  Please take the time to fill out our student survey on the alumni page. Remember life at CHC does not end when you graduate, it is merely the beginning of an exciting journey.  

It is a pleasure to offer you this vital source of information for alumni happenings and other Alumni-related matters.  Here you can check on upcoming Alumni events, current campus news, find out ways to get involved and much more. It is our goal to encourage and foster lifelong Alumni participation, involvement and commitment.  We hope you will stay connected and involved with this ever-growing institution.


Attached is our schedule of events for 2018.  Further information on dates and times will be forthcoming.  Call your fellow Alumni, Ask them to sign up as well.


Please fill out the form below to stay updated and to get back into the Inner Circle! We have tons of activities and upcoming events.

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