ASN/RN (Associate of Science in Nursing)

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Boynton Beach
2021 Fall, 2021 Spring, 2022 Winter, Summer 2021
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If you’re looking to become a Licensed Registered Nurse and progress in a variety of medical settings as caregiver, advocate, educator, communicator and manager–this is the best degree for you. Available online or in class.

The objective of the Nursing (ASN) program at Care Hope College is to help graduates prepare to become Licensed Registered Nurses, with in-class and online options. The program is designed to prepare students to work in a variety of medical settings as Registered Nurses. The program combines theory and clinical components in addressing the concepts of professional nursing roles: caregiver, advocate, educator, communicator and manager.

What’s Included in the ASN Program

The purpose of the Nursing (ASN) program is to participate as an active partner in meeting the healthcare needs of the community by educating and preparing entry-level professional nurses to practice in a variety of settings. The faculty is committed to the professional development of the student, the support of the institution within the community and the enhancement of the nursing profession. Graduates of the bridge track are eligible to write the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX-RN) for licensure as a Registered Nurse.

Upon completion of the Nursing (ASN) program graduates will:

  • Achieve a passing score on the NCLEX-RN Exam
  • Provide compassionate, protective and effectual professional nursing care to individuals and families.
  • Employ other professionals and paraprofessionals in therapeutic and mutual discussion for the benefit of patient results.
  • Combine the knowledge of biological and behavioral sciences into the decision making process regarding patient care.
  • Merge values, ethics and legal principals with critical thinking when making decisions for patients.
  • Support the mission and goals of the organization through efficient use of all resources, personnel and financial.
  • Display a commitment to professional nursing through patient advocacy, professional activism and lifelong learning.

The ASN/RN Program combines theory and clinical components in addressing the concepts of professional nursing roles: caregiver, advocate, educator, communicator and manager.

Program Description:

The ASN is a pre-licensure Associate degree program that prepares persons whose hearts and dreams call them to the nursing profession. The student is equipped to care for clients across the lifespan in diverse healthcare delivery systems. The focus remains on the student for the entire program with the goal of developing a critical thinker who has the requisite knowledge, skills, and competencies relevant to entry level professional nursing practice. 

The program consists of 72 semester credit hours, twenty-seven (27) general education and forty-five (45) core nursing. It also includes 495 clinical hours. The standard duration of the program is 24 months; this will vary based on the number of credits that a student transfers in.

Available for in-class or online.

Areas of study include nursing values and roles, fundamental nursing concepts and techniques, adult health nursing, gerontology nursing, mental health nursing, gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics nursing, community health concepts, medical and surgical nursing and pharmacology, with nutrition integrated throughout the program.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Provide safe and effective care across the lifespan
  • Incorporate prevention strategies to achieve optimal health across the lifespan
  • Promote psychosocial wellbeing across the lifespan
  • Manage care and comfort of patients
  • Reduce risk potential, and health alterations across the lifespan
  • Demonstrate core competencies related to delivery of nursing care to clients across the lifespan
  • Obtain licensure as a registered nurse

Admissions Requirement

In addition to the general admission requirements and procedures, applicants wishing to be considered for admission to the ASN program must:

Be prepared to take the Nursing Qualifying Exam prior to starting the core nursing classes. Students must earn a composite score of at least 55.

Background Check: This is not an admissions requirement. However, nursing students are included in criminal background checks when required by state law, regulation or the policies of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. All students should be prepared to do a criminal background check prior to their clinicals.

Program Progression

Course #

Course Title

Semester Credits

Theory Hours

Lab Hours

Clinical Hours
General Education Courses
ENG101English Composition I34500
PSY112General Psychology34500
AP118Anatomy and Physiology I445300
Term I Total13180300

PHI260Introduction to Ethics34500
AP202Anatomy and Physiology II445300
HGD120Human Growth and Development34500
Term II Total14180600
General Education Total27360900

Nursing Core

NUR100Fundamentals of Nursing97530135
NUR105Pharmacology for Nursing46000
Term III Total1313530135

NUR110Medical-Surgical Nursing I8750135
NUR115Mental Health Nursing445045
Term IV Total121200180

NUR230Medical-Surgical Nursing II8750135
NUR235Obstetrics, Newborn and Pediatric Nursing445045
Term V Total121200180

NUR250Nursing Capstone8606080
Term VI Total8606080
Nursing Core Total4543590575
Program Total72795 180575

Career Opportunities
sing/Registered Nurse

25-1072.00 Nursing Instructors and Teachers, Postsecondary
29-1141.00 Registered Nurses
29-1141.01 Acute Care Nurses
29-1141.02 Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses
29-1141.03 Critical Care Nurses
29-1141.04 Clinical Nurse Specialist

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