Home Health Aide

Home Health Aide 1

Program Objectives:

The objective of the Home Health Aide program is to enable students to acquire the skills necessary to enter the medical support field as a Home Health Aide. Students will become proficient in personal care for homebound patients, including providing personal hygiene care; they will provide assistance with self-medication and other assistance as needed. The core curriculum of the program focuses on the theoretical aspects of assisting patients that are homebound, with some of the program time devoted to in class clinical practice. As the program progresses, the student expands upon the knowledge gained in the initial theoretical training and lab experiences.

The HHA program at the College is designed to satisfy the Florida DOE Curriculum Framework for OES 66011462 SOC Code 31-1011, for Home Health Aide, (CF 01.0-23.0)

Upon successful completion of 75 hours of training, the student will receive a diploma indicating the completion of the Home Health Aide Program.

Curriculum Development:

The Home Health Aide program at the College was designed to satisfy the Florida Department of Education Curriculum Framework for Home Health Aide as of July 2007. The 75 hour program addresses the Intended Outcomes (01-22) of the Curriculum Framework cited above. Faculty members continuously review and update the curriculum to satisfy both the stated framework requirements, as well as the student needs.

Estimated Length of Study:

Weekday classes        2 weeks

Evening classes          4 weeks

(75 Hours)

­*Books and materials are NOT included in the cost of tuition. Students must purchase their own uniforms.

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