What is Nursing Informatics?

Nursing informatics refers to the integration of computer sciences, nursing, health, and information management in order to learn more about a patient’s health and follow the latest best nursing practices. Informatics is a field of nursing science that utilizes technologies in order to conduct and deliver high-quality nursing care. 

Nursing informatics

How Nursing Informatics Works

The application of informatics within nursing is made up of three main areas; these include biological and medical informatics that involves the application of computers and technologies in order to collect, manage, and interpret medical records. 

There are many schools that offer these programs. To become a certified nurse informaticist, a student needs to complete one of two programs: one that focuses on building blocks, and one that focus on nursing diagnostic technologies. As part of their studies, students gain knowledge and practice in applications that analyze medical evidence, such as radiology, imaging, and clinical study.

In order to become a nurse informatics specialist, you must first complete your master’s degree. Upon completion of your Master’s degree program, you will be able to pursue either a Doctoral degree or an EdD in nursing informatics. After you have graduated, you will then need to take a state board exam in order to become a licensed nurse to work in the field.

Benefits of Nursing Informatics Certification

There are many benefits for nurses who want to specialize in this program. By specializing or expanding their nursing capabilities, nurses can not only increase their earning potential, but also open up new career opportunities for themselves and help their employers by demonstrating a commitment to quality patient care. Another great benefit of becoming involved in this field is that it takes less time to get a license than other areas, and in some areas it is quickly achieved through online courses.

There are many schools out there that offer nursing informatics programs. Some of the colleges offering these programs are Kaplan University and Spelman College. These institutions teach students everything from analytics to diagnostic equipment, and how to access medical records and databases. Students can choose to specialize in particular areas, such as IT or neurosurgery, or choose to continue their education by taking classes that allow them to further their nursing informatics skills.

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