Get to know your Campus Director!

College Life can be strenuous at times, specially if you have a lot going on already in your personal Life. That’s why it’s integral to get to know your Super Woman at work Campus Director Ms. Bobbet Mullings!

Did you know that Ms. Bobbet is one of CHC’s longest-standing employees? Yes, Ms. Bobbet have been there from the start, so why wouldn’t you want to get to know such a person? She’s only graduated thousands of students like yourself; young and old, male and female, she’s heard it all and seen it all when it comes to the various academics and personal issues that you may endure while you’re attending our College Campus.

Don’t be a stranger to her office!😇

Here’s a direct message from your Campus Director Ms. Bobbet Mullings

Get to know your Campus Director! 1

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Care Hope College. CHC offers a range of Allied Health programs in a relaxing yet vibrant environment. You’ll quickly find that the energy and warmth of the Campus community is a part of what makes CHC such an extraordinary place of study. At CHC, we are committed to the continued growth and development of our nursing students.

As you embark on this career I encourage you to embrace the wonderful world of opportunities and learning experiences that awaits you. CHC is proud to be able to play such a significant role in your journey towards academic excellence. I wish you every success in your program of choice and I look forward to seeing you as a nursing graduate.

May you have a truly rewarding experience at Care Hope College.

Bobbet Mullings
CHC Campus Director

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